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About Us

Dulcibelle is an ethical fashion accessory shop started by two friends in the Bay Area, California. We're creative professionals, and secret hippies.

Dulcibelle is a small, women owned business

Life is short, seize your fashion.

If you feel it, love it. If you love it, then wear it - no apologies needed. Let your ethical freak flag fly.
Our goal is to bring you gasp-worthy items that are ethical, sustainable and make you feel good about your connection to the world. We specialize in sourcing products that may be upcycled, recycled, fair trade, vintage, made from sustainable materials, and/or handmade.

Our Goals & Values

Showcase artisans who create unique products in limited quantities using recycled or sustainable materials.
Encourage responsible environmental practices by offering a selection of goods that have been conscientiously sourced with low impact materials.
Offer products that empower, and do not exploit the people producing them, and do not harm the earth during the manufacturing process.
Promote safe, healthy and humane working conditions through the sale of fair trade products.